June 3, 2017

i heart disneyland

Remember when I talked about wanting to learn more about shooting on film?? WELLLL two weeks ago we took a road trip out to California so of course we brought Drew's Nikon so I could get some more practice! Drew was very patient in teaching me all about the different settings and such on his camera, and I am actually pretty pleased with myself with how most of them turned out! 

Our first stop was obviously DISNEYLAND. And when I mean first stop, I mean we literally woke up in Mesquite at 4:30 AM, were on the road by 5, and drove straight to Orange County so we could get to Disneyland at a decent time. Tell us we're crazy and spontaneous and fun! Really we're just two Disney-loving nerds.
If there is one thing I have learned in the few times I have gone to Disneyland, it's that NO ONE IS TOO COOL FOR DISNEY! You can quote me.
Space Mountain is always a must, I don't care how long I have to wait in line!! (jk my limit is anything over an hour, but luckily we didn't have to wait that long)
First time experiencing the It's a Small World ride and definitely my last. So photogenic but wow that ride is hella creepy.
Okay this one makes me laugh because I took it in line for Thunder Mountain and I noticed how cool it looked as soon as the line started moving pretty fast. So I literally just snapped this without adjusting or focusing anything and starting running in the opposite direction to catch up with the line. I looked so stupid I'm sure, but it actually turned out decent! LOL guess you had to be there...
The next few were taken in one of the many sit down cafes in the park that neither of us usually go to (we are corn dogs + dole whips all the way), but it gave me some time to ~experiment~ with settings and such.
Many more pics from the rest of the weekend to come!

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