September 22, 2013


About a month ago, I moved into apartment #307 of Woodland Heights with my three lovely roommates Abby, Cori and Desireé. We're FINALLY done furnishing this place after weeks of decorating and shopping. If I don't set foot in another Target for a year, I will be perfectly content. I'm so proud of how everything turned out and I felt blogging about why I love it so much was the only logical way to share it. So without further ado, welcome to my new home!

living room:
This is my favorite spot in the apartment. My roommates found tons of neat ideas for this once blank wall on pinterest which I supported wholeheartedly, but I actually abhor pinterest and refuse to get an account. Instead, I would just make them show me pictures of all the stuff they found. I prefer to look for inspiration elsewhere. For instance, I love the human body and I think illustrations of it make the most beautiful artwork. If it were up to me, we would have a skeleton somewhere in there too. #dark, I know. I found a picture of a skull in an anatomy textbook and asked my artistic roommate Desireé to re-create a sketch of the heart that I fell in love with on tumblr once upon a time (shown on the left-hand side as the link to my twitter :] ). Those two pictures and the stag head are my favorites. The rest of the wall includes Audrey Hepburn, sheet music, quotes, and other pretty pictures. Also, shout-out to my trendy roommate Abby for donating the majority of those fun throw pillows and that cute lil shelf. She contributed a ton of stuff to our crib which is awesome because the less we had to buy, the better!

Across from the wall and sofa is our entertainment system. Let me first tell you about the day we struck GOLD at D.I. (Deseret Industries, the ultimate Mormon thrift store). We found all the obscure, vintage things we've been searching for and more! This shelf was exactly what I had in mind for this spot and it really brightens up the room after its turquoise paint job. But let's just talk about those RACKETS?! Easily my favorite D.I. find to date. It adds a preppy (plus sporty? ok nope, I tried) touch to the room which I absolutely adore. Next to the TV sits this bookshelf we bought at Ikea. We love vintage-looking globes and maps so naturally, not one, but three globes were necessary. The bottom shelf houses a record player and records for everyone to enjoy. 2 h!p$+3R 4 u.

I wasn't too picky about anything in the kitchen when we were apartment-hunting. Honestly, I was just jazzed about the filtered water. The origami crane strands, made by my crafty roommate Cori, add a nice pop of color to the ebony table and kitchen cabinets. Also EAT made the wall because that's what I like to do the most. I just love how spacious the living room and kitchen are. It makes our apartment ideal for parties and movie nights, and we are looking forward to hosting both!


Desireé and I share this bathroom and decided to go with a nautical theme + pink and orange because we already owned those towels so why not? The whale, chalkboard and welcome sign were all D.I. finds. Grand total of $2. Perhaps placing a welcome sign above the shower is a lil questionable...oops. But we just couldn't pass up that anchor. I'm serious when I say D.I. is a gold mine. At one point we were even overcome with emotion in the aisles because of how lucky we were in finding stuff. It was concerning. I am so blessed to have a friend and roommate as crazy as I am who is just as passionate about making our apartment the cutest ever. Love ya dezmillz.


Basically pink, orange and more pink. I am currently in the process of making a cork board collage to hang along one entire wall. On the opposite wall I made a shadow box of the people and places I love most. Congrats if you made the cut! My favorite part of this room is the top of my bookshelf which includes a globe (grand total in our apartment is now six), a Valázquez + easel ($7 at goodwill!), and a pair of my old pointe shoes because I will always be a ballerina at heart.

The majority of the things we bought, and in fact all of my favorite items, were purchased at thrift stores. Who says I don't know how to shop on a budget? (Me. I still say that). There was no way I'd be able to find these gems at home goods stores, and that's what I love most about our apartment. It is entirely our own and the perfect blend of our four personalities and styles. I cannot wait for all the fun times to be had here this year. Thanks for sticking to the end of this absurdly long post about furniture and letting me give you a virtual tour of my crib!

September 2, 2013

test run

oops i became one of those people who started a blog to write about her ideals. i'm sorry but i'm also not sorry. i think a blog is the most efficient and fun way for my family from all around the world, friends from back home, and anyone else who cares to stay updated on my life over here in provo, utah. in less than 48 hours i will be starting my sophomore year here at brigham young university. summer was fun and hot but after four months of working at home in lancaster, i am more than ready for this school year to start. i just moved into a fabulous new apartment with three of my best friends, and we have spent our time before the semester begins moving in and more importantly, decorating! i love it so far. i've only been back in provo for a little over a week and i can already tell this year has so much in store for me. i'm looking forward to sharing it with all of you!

sorry for the baby post but you gotta bear with us new bloggers, it's always embarrassing when we first start out. i also composed the majority of this whilst watching harry potter (happy first day at hogwarts everyone!) so the layout might be a little crazy and i'll probably go back and change it all again. but thanks for reading and stay tuned for more interesting reads, i promise!