March 2, 2017

chicago in film

Fun fact #1: I was born in Chicago! This was my first time back since I lived there for the first year of my life.

Fun fact #2: Two of our favorite people, Andy and Haylee, moved to Chicago a few months ago and we've missed them. They were the best hosts and convinced us multiple times that we should move there. But on one condition: you guys have to go to SoulCycle and eat cupcake pancakes with me every Saturday morning.

Fun fact #3: I genuinely want to learn how to photograph in film because I love film photography so so much. I am going to make it my/our goal to bring along Drew's Nikon FG as much as possible so I can mess around with it. Sometimes I forget he has a perfectly functioning camera that spends most of its life sitting on a shelf. Maybe one day we will get a nicer camera to support my burgeoning hobby, but for now, this lil guy provided us some awesome shots to commemorate our weekend in Chicago!
2.18.17. The cupcake pancakes in question were from Southport Grocery & Cafe (where yes, we did eat brunch after SoulCycling), and I am still thinking about them.
I loved the sense of community in this part of town because all the houses still had Fly the W posters and other Cubs memorabilia proudly displayed in their windows. Cubs fans are the real deal. Even though I think baseball is the most boring sport, I too was a die hard Cubs fan in that moment.
Mirror selfie @ Cloud Gate
Saturday afternoon spent at The Art Institute of Chicago <3
We had a Ferris + Sloane moment...
As well as a Cameron Frye moment.
Chicago Stock Exchange Trading Room

2.19.17. On Sunday evening we took Andy's drone out to Promontory Point to capture the gorgeous skyline on Lake Michigan. I didn't know that a picture of a drone could be so beautiful??
We even met some members of the Chicago Yacht Club.

2.20.17. So Haylee goes to school at Hogwarts. Not really, but the University of Chicago is as close as we'll get here in America. It is one of the prettiest campuses I've ever toured. Wouldn't you be more motivated to attend class if it was held in a cathedral?
Glamour Shots by Drew. Haylee was in class.
Okay so the last four shots below were taken by me! Drew is nice for letting me post all of his work (if not me, then who?), so I need to let it be known that all the other shots from this point and above were by him. Is it bad that the ones I took might be my favorites?? Shhh don't tell him. I am pretty proud of myself for how they turned out! I can't wait to continue to learn more about shooting film in the future :)
The Sausage King of Chicago.

Thanks for the memories, Andy and Haylee! We will definitely be back to visit this pretty city real soon.

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