June 6, 2017

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Every time we visit Orange County, part of me never wants to leave. These pictures were taken in Yorba Linda and Balboa Island and gah! Sometimes I wonder why we don't live here already. But then I remember how astronomical the rent is, and I come back to the reality that at least for now, Utah is home for us. That doesn't stop me from dreaming of my retirement beach house here though...
This is my husband Drew, the vampire
 Obviously this shot of me was taken by Drew...but the rest of the pictures in this post were taken by me! I know I sound so braggy every time I mention that, but I really am excited about this new hobby of mine, and awaiting the arrival of these particular film scans was so fun! Also, I should note that I have nooo idea how to even start editing photos and I haven't touched or tweaked any of these photos. From what I understand, there is quite an art to scanning film. I am amazed by how good they look directly from the lab! It's all props to them, because clearly I am no pro yet ;) S/O to thefindlab.com !!!
These last two were taken at Seven Magic Mountains, an art installation located a few miles south of Las Vegas, right off I-15. We stopped here on our drive back to Utah because after seeing it all over Instagram, I wanted to see it for myself! According to the artist, Ugo Rondinone, the location is symbolic of the in-between of the natural and the artificial: the natural expressed by the desert and mountain ranges, with the artificial expressed by the close proximity to the highway and constant flow of traffic between L.A. and Vegas. I was in awe of these large-scale, colorful totems. They are made out of painted, locally-sourced boulders and stand 30-35 feet tall! Neat! Seven Magic Mountains is a two-year public art installation that will be up until May 2018. Check it out while you can!


  1. oh man all of these pics are so good!

  2. obsessed {and v impressed} with your film shots. edits or not, they're beautiful and sooo dreamy!! I want to move into that Balboa Island bungalow yesterday.

  3. this caption made my heart warm and fuzzy