February 18, 2016


I turned 22 this weekend and I didn't even post a single v-day-b-day picture to commemorate it. Who am I ?! 24601?? Maybe this means I've finally outgrown my indulgent social media ways...HA doubtful. Guess I was too busy ~*makin' memories*~ to take any pictures. SORRY MOM (and everyone else who scolded me for it). 

On Friday my sweet hubs threw me a party at our apartment with all of our friends! I promise people came, but as mentioned before, I didn't take any pictures during the party and only remembered to do so once everyone was gone. But it really was such a fun time.
 I had to at least document the cute decorations my homegirl Dez helped with (aka did all the work for while I sat and we chatted)

The party theme was 1994. Naturally this meant a playlist of 1994's best hits, as well as print outs of 1994's pop culture highlights.

 Hello, it's me.

After the party, Treat Yo Self weekend ensued! Drew booked reservations at the Zermatt Resort & Spa for Saturday night and it was the best and most relaxing time. I truly felt like a queen all weekend. We ate our way through Park City Main Street with dinner at Yuki Yama Sushi, and then brunch the following morning at the Riverhorse on Main. Both very delicious. Once we got back to Provo, we headed to the movies for a special 30th anniversary screening of Pretty in Pink! This was such a happy birthday coincidence because it was only in theaters that day, AND it is one of my favorite movies! Molly Ringwald is my original Queen Bee. After the movie, Drew cooked me a a fancy steak dinner. He is the best husband and Valentine.

Literally the only picture to document anything that day, and it turned out terribly.

Shout-out to our presidents for giving us a three-day-weekend so the birthday fun could continue even longer! I know most people in Utah think that the Midway Ice Castles are overrated, but I have never been so that was another birthday request of mine. Honestly I was over it in about 20 minutes, but it was still quite a marvel to behold. Utah is really cool sometimes!!

I saved the best for last...the most exciting part of the whole weekend was that Drew and I booked a much anticipated trip we are leaving for right after graduation!! We have been talking about it for months now, but finally made it official on Monday! We spent hours planning and mapping things out after booking our tickets. It is the craziest and I cannot WAIT. Also, Monday was February 15th which just so happened to be the day Drew proposed to me last year in Central Park. We kind of forgot about it amidst all the excitement, but looking back on it, I couldn't have picked a better way to celebrate!!!
 Cutest lil birthday presents from my dude!

Shout-outs to Drew for treating me like a valentine birthday queen all weekend long, my friends who partied with me and showered me with cards, gifts, and treats, and anyone else who wished me happy birthday in some form or another. I'm feelin' 22 and it's feelin' pretty great so far!