June 3, 2017


I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine this past April when Drew and I attended Coachella Music & Arts Festival and it was just that, A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Rewind to sometime last fall, when Sigur Rós announced they would be performing alongside the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra for a few shows in April aka the most magical set ever, right?! (Right). Because God is real, the dates of the shows coincided with Weekend 1 of Coachella soooo being the millenials that we are, we decided to wait until the Coachella lineup was released to determine if we would make a giant musical weekend in California out of this happy coincidence. You can probably guess what our decision was :) I should also add that not only was this BEST lineup in 5+ years, but this was also the first time I was not at the mercy of BYU finals week so I actually could attend without any other obligations. #BLESSED

TBH I don't have the energy or desire to recount all my favorites from the weekend, but just know there were A LOT! This is what I get for not posting this earlier...at this point I don't care to share lolwoops. Instead, here's a lil video I made from the weekend! Coachella was amazing and I would 100% go again!

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