November 27, 2013

hbd to the smaller, cooler, wittier version of me

Happy 22nd birthday to my favorite sister and best friend in the world, Ynna! We're both gonna listen to t-swift's '22' on repeat today, it would just be rude not to amiright? Here's a picture from back in the day when our mother liked to tell people we were twins:
Ynna has said before that she tells people who have never met me that I am the taller, smarter, quieter version of her, so I've decided she is the smaller, cooler, wittier version of me. We have the same taste in everything, including but not limited to clothes, music, décor, books and movies. If you follow her blog (which you should probably start doing now if you don't), or have ever held a conversation with either of us, you might even notice we talk and write the same too. It's freaky sometimes. However, she is a far superior writer than I am, and is so much funnier too. Just follow her twitter for proof. But enough advertising Ynna's social media sites for now.
Growing up with Ynna was super fun because she gave me, and still continues to give me the best advice. When it comes to clothes, boys, what classes to take, and anything in between, I ask Ynna for her input first. I trust her judgment completely and we almost always agree on everything. She has helped me through more things than she even realizes, just by being such a wonderful example to me. I know I'm not the only one who admires her style, wit, friendliness and faithfulness. Sometimes I even think my friends are more interested in her life than mine. They tell me on the reg how lucky I am to have grown up with such a fabulous if I wasn't already aware! She inspires me daily and is the greatest sister, role model, and best friend in the world.
 Alex Steele Photography
This year was pretty momentous for Ynna, seeing as she graduated college, got married and moved to Dallas with her husband (and my new big bro!) Preston. I definitely miss having them here with me at BYU. She made the transition so much easier for me as a freshman by showing me the ins and outs of Provo and introducing me to her hip, older friends. I met a lot of wonderful people here thanks to her, and everyone who knows her has only nice things to say :] Last year she also introduced me to the wonderful world of iPod dance parties, which is now one of my favorite hobbies here at school. I miss swapping clothes with her and buying her food or groceries whenever we were on campus together too. It was a riot whenever we met up for Canon dinners wearing the same outfit, which happened more often than not.

Now Ynna is living in Dallas being a cute, perfect wife to Preston and I know she is loving it. I miss her tons, but in a few weeks, me and the Kutney's will be en route to PA for Christmas!!! I am giddy with excitement to spend the holidays with them and the rest of my family in sweet Lancaster.
Happy birthday sister dearest, I just love ya! Keep on dancing like you're 22 <3

November 25, 2013

hbd to my favorite jonas/gilmore groupie

Happy 21st birthday to one of my most beautiful and best friends, Vanessa! Vanessa was the first person to suggest I start a blog, so of course I'm going to dedicate a post to her on the day of her birth :]
I first met Vanessa four years ago through one of our friends Ivy. A direct quote from Ivy was "Don't worry, you two will get along. You both love the Jonas Brothers and Gilmore Girls." No truer statement has ever been made. I can quote any line from any of the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and Vanessa will instantly finish up the bit with me. However, the greater love we shared was with those wonderful jobros. (scratch that, we both still share a love for them even though they are no longer. TOO SOON? SRY) Not even a month after meeting each other, we both attended a Nick Jonas concert. As fate would have it, there were two empty seats next to me so I snuck Vanessa and her friend Jess up with me to enjoy Nick's presence from the seventh row. Later on, we joined him onstage with hordes of screaming girls, eventually pushing our way close enough to touch him. This is my favorite story to tell not only about Vanessa, but in general. We were crazy and Nick felt violated, but it was one of the best nights of our lives. Remember when his album came out and we went to Target to buy it together? Not pictured is the cake we decorated in honor of it too. Not sorry.
What I love most about Vanessa is that she is the best listener and storyteller. We don't get to see each other very often since she is living in PA and I'm attending school in Utah, but I always look forward to our Skype dates where we catch each other up on everything going on in our lives (those of which are just TOO important to tell over a simple text of course). Even better are our Starbucks dates when I do come home for breaks. She is genuinely interested in my crazy long stories and gives excellent advice and input on anything I need. We are both very detail-oriented when recounting anything of significance (or not of significance), so she always has the best stories to share with me too. She is such a genuine friend and I am so blessed I have her to confide in, even when she is hundreds of miles away.

Another fun fact about Vanessa is that she, much like myself, is a concert junkie. We have both spent obscene amounts of money for the sake of concerts, and we always have another one to look forward to at all times. In fact, this past summer we both attended Jonas Brothers concerts. (Sadly not together, but after the band's three year hiatus from touring, it was our sixth or seventh Jonas concert to date...oops) Together, along with our friends Erin and Jess, attended Justin Timberlake & Jay Z's summer tour in Philly. It was one of the highlights of my summer to sing and dance along to the sweet music of JT & Jay Z with this fabulous friend of mine.
I miss this girl so much when I'm at school, but in a few short weeks I will be home for winter break and will be seeing her lovely face! I also cannot wait until she can come visit ME out here in Provo. Happy birthday Vanessa, enjoy being "TWENTY-ONE!" (only to be said in the voice of Kyle's cousin from GG) <3