February 20, 2014

a vday bday story

Whenever people ask me how I feel about sharing my birthday with Valentine's Day, I make some joke about how it has the potential to be the best day a girl could ever dream of, but in actuality (or at least every year in the past), it is just like any other birthday. A new response I've been getting lately after I tell people when my birthday is has been "oh, I'm sorry, that sucks :/" UMMM THANKS? BYE. Granted, there have been years where a lot of my friends were dating when my birthday rolled around, but I still didn't mind all that much because pink is everywhere, and birthdays should be a fun time regardless of your relationship status. In fact, this past birthday was probably the happiest birthday I've had in two decades (get it? cuz I'm TWENTY). Well let's just talk about how bomb my entire birthday weekend was. It started Thursday night when my roommates surprised me with PUPPIES via Provo's greatest business endeavor: Rent-A-Puppy. This is a real thing and everyone should do it at least once. We played with twin golden retriever pups named Ben & Jerry for one hour. It was really a present for all four of us. Thursday night ended -and I guess my birthday began- with a viewing of The Lego Movie, which I HIGHLY recommend everyone go see, pizza, and coming home to the arrival of my dear friend Kaity, who drove from Idaho to spend the weekend with us. It's always a party when she's in P-town ;)

John and I decided to co-host a vday bday dance party after my original plan to go out of town for my birthday weekend fell through. Can I just say that I am so thrilled those plans didn't work out?!? Instead, I spent the night partying with some of my favorite people in Provo. I was so pleased with how the treats, decorations, and especially the music turned out. I made a party playlist on Spotify (see bottom), but Desireé and I also made a dance mix especially for this night, which you can listen to HERE. And by Desireé and I, I meant I chose the songs and what order I wanted them in, and she was the one to compile them into one single mix on GarageBand. I am the worst. Warning: this was our first experience with GarageBand and we are fully aware of the lack of smooth overlapping and presence of choppy transitions. We're working on it, but before long we will be dj mix masters. It was still sick and makes for a great workout playlist, so check it out! Thank you again to John, my friends involved with any of the party planning/prep, and all of my fabulous guests who showed up to party with me.

There is always a huge outpour of love from people on your birthday, but this whole day was especially full of hearts and sweets and love and dancing and happiness. I don't think I would've been able to handle any more...even if it was just for the sake of Cupid. So I guess having my birthday on Valentine's Day really isn't so bad. In fact, it can turn out to be pretty perfect. The rest of the weekend consisted of Abby's Galentine's Day party, leftover cupcakes, lounging, good movies, and even better company. All of my favorite things. I never wanted it to end. Especially because that was our last vacation until the semester is over in April. But we're not talking about that. Just focus on the happy. I'm feelin' so #blessed for all of you beautiful people and I cannot wait to spend this year with you. 20 is gonna be good. 

Love you long time <3